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This project aims to demonstrate evolution and ecosystems using procedural generation and virtual reality. You can traverse around a 3D planet observing behaviours and stats of animals and see how their DNA changes across multiple generations.

**This game requires an oculus VR device**

This is a project i did for my final year in college and i would appreciate you giving me as much feedback as possible to talk about in my these or add in the future.

Feedback form: https://forms.gle/5urRNFJRA1QDa2ty9

Some features include:

  • Customizable Procedural Planet Mesh generation with biomes
  • Procedural Animal Animations and spine animations
  • Custom Animal models
  • Procedural Animal Generation from a single profile
  • VR Integration with Teleportation and jetpack movement
  • Animal Info stats and dna
  • Animal Memory and sensing
  • Music and individual animal sounds
  • Object Pooling, LOD and other optimisations
  • LOD Systems
  • AI behaviour trees with a lot of different behaviours

Made in Unity


EvolVR.exe 71 MB
EvolVR.zip 94 MB

Install instructions

Dowload the packed EXE and run while you have an oculus device plugged into your computer to begin.

The zip is also included as some people can get warnings since the exe is unrecognised, you can unzip that and run the exe within it but dont move the exe out of the folder.

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